Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Just About Peak Blossom Time!

The stars of spring time in Washington, D.C. are the Cherry Blossoms and rightly so. Yes, DC has had baseball since 2005, so while Opening Day at National’s Park is a big day, it has quite a long time to go to catch up to the fanfare that comes along each year for the Cherry Blossoms. For those that have never been to the DC during peak bloom of the Cherry Blossoms may not get all the fuss “over flowers on trees”, it is truly a spectacular time.

My favorite time to go down to the Tidal Basin and take in the blossoms is sunrise. The light is incredible and since it is not as crowded, it is very tranquil. I have been down during sunset, which is also very nice, but something about the blossoms at sunrise keeps me getting up at an ungodly hour, gathering up my cameras and stopping for a large cup of coffee before sliding into a parking spot near the Tidal Basin. The only good thing about being up so early is that a parking spot is fairly easy to find. So without further ado here are some photos of the cherry blossoms, during peak bloom, at both sunrise and sunset.


The famous pink haze
A canopy of blossoms
Full morning light

Late  afternoon at the Tidal Basin during the cherry blossoms' peak bloom period can be very crowded. Do not let the crowds scare you off, because shortly before sunset most of the tour buses begin to leave and the crowds die down. One year I was so engrossed in taking photos I missed the mass exodus of the tour buses and I had a moment of "Hey where did everybody go?" when I finally looked up from my lens. The late afternoon light on the blossoms is beautiful and be sure to stay for the sunset. Some years, during peak bloom, I get down to the Tidal Basin for both sunrise and sunset. Some years, I only make it down for sunrise. Then there was last year when I made it twice for sunrise and once for sunset. The reason it was twice for sunrise, was the blossoms were stubborn (due to a cold snap) and did not bloom as predicted. I spent a very chilly Sunday morning at the Tidal Basin hunting for blossoms. I returned later in the week when it warmed up and the blossoms were opening up in mass.

The last fleeting moments of a beautiful spring day
I love this cherry blossom goodness time of the year!