Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Hobbies - Photography

I was recently asked, "when did I get the photography bug?" I paused before I answered. Why? Simply because I cannot remember a time when I was not fascinated by cameras and taking pictures. I remember as a small child being very intrigued with my parent’s boxy Kodak instamatic with the square flash bulb that rotated around after flashing.
Image from dehk
I vividly remember the Christmas I received my very own Kodak Pocket Instamatic camera with the flip flash. I think that camera is still tucked in a drawer somewhere in my parents’ house. It was a tiny black little camera that fit my hands perfectly. As I kid, I was not sure whose pockets the camera was supposed to fit in, it certainly not my little kid pockets, but the wrist strap ensured I would not lose it.
Over the years I have owned several cameras since that first pocket camera. Let's see there were several point and shoot film 35mm, a Disk camera, a 35mm SLR, a bevy of point and shoot digital cameras and a DSLR. Oh and I cannot forget the camera on my iPhone. For the last 18 years I have mainly shot with Canons, but I do have a Sony point and click that I love to use for food pictures (for food and wine pairings) and there was that Fuji point and click camera that I killed from overuse.

When I have a spare minute there are several photo blogs that I peruse. Always on the hunt for tips and tricks to improve my photography skills, I noticed I was reading a lot about weekly (project 52) or daily (Project 365) photography projects. So at the start of this year I embarked on both a weekly photo project call 52 Week  Photography Challenge (Facebook group) and a daily photo project, otherwise known as a Project 365. Each Monday, during the 52 Week Photgraphy Challenge, a photography theme is picked and then participants have week to submit photos.
Project 365 app

The Project 365 is a bit more challenging because the goal is to take a photo every day.  Like almost everything in the world these days there is an “App for that”. Project 365 does have an App (for the iPhone) and the App makes it very easy to store your project in one place. Plus it will send you a reminder to take your daily picture. Some days I come up or spot my picture early in the day, other times it is well into the day or evening before the photo opportunity strikes. I enjoy this part of my daily routine, becauseit keeps my mindful and in the present. The pictures for the Project 52, I use many of the bevy of the digital cameras I own. I generally use my iPhone for the pictures I take for the Project 365, since it is the camera I almost always have with me.

 I have added a tab to this blog to post the pictures I take each week for the 52 Week Photography Challenge. There is a second 52 Week project I am contemplating joining, but two things are slowing me down. The first is time. The second, this second Project 52 has some really serious photographers participating. I should be using my DSLR for this second project, which means I have to figure how to get out of auto and program mode. No, I am not intimidated.... who am I kidding? yes, I am! Maybe this second project is something I can aspire to in 2015. In the mean time I will have fun with the two current photo projects.
Flip Flash (Image from John Nuttall )

Monday, March 17, 2014

Quotable Monday: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Irish Blessings
May you have the hindsight to know where you have been,
the foresight to know where you are going,
and the insight to know you have gone to far.
For each petal of the shamrock
this birngs a wish your way
Good health, good luck and happiness
For today and everyday.