Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Wherefore Art Thou Spring?

After a long cold snowy winter that has truly over stayed its welcome, the National Park Service announced yesterday that  peak bloom for the blossoms, on the cherry trees that surround the tidal basin, would be April 8th - 12th. The announcement came on a day that set regional records for being one of the top three coldest March days in the National Capital area. The announcement offers a silver of hope that spring is really just around the corner and my thoughts turn to my favorite things that the season ushers in.

The National Cherry Blossom festival - I prefer the blossoms at sunrise, but no matter what time you go it is beautiful.

Opening Day  - I am not a huge baseball fan but there is something special and hopeful about those early spring games.

Spring Flowers - Little bursts of happiness.

Island Trips - Annual reunion of friends in St. Martin.

Spring Running - not too hot, not too cold.

Farmers markets and festivals

Other things I look forward to in the spring: Daylight Savings Time, annoucement of summer music series at Wolf Trap, washing the last of winter's grime off your car, and packing away all my cold weather gear.