Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year and a New Chapter Begins.....

Turns of seasons bring about slow transformations, if you are not paying attention they can seem dramatic. The turn between years is much more noticeable, ushered in with festive celebration, fireworks and the dropping of the ball in Times Square. So it is fitting that I celebrate the slow transformation of my blog on the day for all things new.

Over the last three years the main focus of this blog has been wine and food pairings. The last year or so has been a struggle. I simply was not drawn to it. I was not inspired. It was not for a lack of ideas. I enjoy cooking up a new recipe and thinking about what wine would make an ideal pairing. I would go through the paces of selecting a menu and picking the wine. I would prepare the meal, pour the wine take the notes and snap the pictures. When I would later sit down to review the notes to write a post or sift through the photos, I would feel the creativity drain away. I blamed many things for the my avoidance of the blog. In the back of my a head excuses piled up and were rationalized by the fact that many blogs whither on the vine and languish in cyberspace. Something deep, deep down continue to tug at me and not let the blog completely drift away, another discarded blog on the internet highway.  

Last October, I was reviewing many of the photos I had taken over the year and noticed that all the photos I had taken of the food and wine pairings were flat while other pictures I had taken over the year were vibrant. It slowly dawned on me as I continued sifting through the pictures that yes, I had grown bored with my muse. Realizing I was becalmed in the creative doldrums, I thought about what led me to this point.

Maybe it was due to other things tickling my fancy, drawing my focus elsewhere, leaving me not wanting to pick up my pan, bottle opener and pen….
Maybe as the year progressed I found it exhausting....  
Maybe over the course of the last year I had grown, creativity wise, in different directions and felt confined by the narrow focus of the this blog.

To be honest is was all of the above.

So in the spirit of a fresh start that is ushered in with a new year. I am changing things up. Broadening the focus to include, new passions and old hobbies….learning new things and sharpening old skills….to include adventures in ordinary life and yes,  from time to time I will pick the pan, bottle opener and pen for a pairing and feature it in a post.
I look forward to the adventure that lies ahead.